On a sunny Friday afternoon, four young adventurers from Chesapeake Hills strapped themselves into an amazingly impossible
dream machine in hopes of traveling to strange and terrifying worlds. In the blink of an eye, they found themselves transported to a
plane of existence more different and amazing than they could ever imagine. The saw beautiful valleys covered in vibrantly vocal plants,
mysterious mountains covered in strange neon snow, skyways populated by bubble wielding fairies and wingless birds. They smelled sweet
cupcakes and tasted buttery candies in the air.

The strange new world was everything that they imagined. But the magnificent journey became
an unforgettable battle for survival when their friend is accidently lost in this strange new world. Journey with Tim, Nikko and Liz as they race to find
and rescue their friend from the hidden dangers that would befall her in this unknown land. Caught between man-eating machines and evil metallic
bomb suits, the hapless travelers endure a harrowing journey through the lands of Slumber—a journey unlike any that they have ever seen.
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